Jasmin Wardani’s design office and show room stands for innovative contemporary designs mixed with a touch of Oriental charm. The designs are stylish, practical and customized to your own personal demands. The office has acquired a reputation for high quality and standards.

Jasmin Wardani’s design office and show room provides a comprehensive service starting with planning through to on-site execution and furniture design. They always have a custom-made solution for you, whether you are looking for a small addition to your interior decoration or a complete project that ranges from space allocation to furniture, paintings and curtains.

Jasmin Wardani, the owner, studied Interior and Furniture Design in Cairo. After that she achieved a Master Degree in Islamic Art and Architecture from the American University. Therefore you can often find islamic motifs integrated in modern designs which adds a very special flair to the product.

In the show room you will find a selection of furniture, including living and dining areas, as well as bedroom and kitchen ideas. Also you will find carefully selected accessories, lamps, fabrics and wallpaper samples.

What makes the service different from many other furniture stores and design offices in Egypt is their personal approach. They are not aiming to become a mass producer so they take each client very seriously and respect their individual needs, tastes and budgets. 


Our concept is to use local craftsmanship and talent to provide superior quality and style. The furniture is locally produced by talented carpenters and expert craftsmen. Jasmin Wardani believes that in Egypt we have the resources, talent and motivation to create furniture that is unique, genuine and true to our culture and heritage.