Our story

Jasmin Wardani’s design studio and furniture showroom stands for innovative contemporary designs mixed with a touch of Oriental charm. With over 15 years of experience in the field, we've mastered the art of designing interiors, furniture, and home renovation.

We're a team of different designers with backgrounds in architecture, interior design, and furniture design. Our concept is to use local craftsmanship and talent to provide superior quality and style. Our furniture is locally produced by talented carpenters and expert craftsmen. We believe that in Egypt we have the resources, talent and motivation to create furniture that is unique, genuine and true to our culture and heritage.

We are a full service design studio that can help you with all your needs from start to finish, we specialize in residential spaces from kitchens to bedrooms, bathrooms to living rooms, as well as outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces, and more. We also offer turnkey services, We design, supply, build, and install your space fully from start to finish; making it ready  for you to move into your new home. We provide customizable furniture design pieces as well, unique and fit to your own individual style and space.

Our team