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Kaff Side Table

Kaff Side Table

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Kaff side tables are a perfect fit for any corner of the space. They are versatile and can be placed in a living area, bedroom, or even the kitchen. Kaff is also available in various colors to suit any room style.


  • Marble tabletop
  • Wood Veneer tabletop
  • Oak Wood Legs

Care Instructions

Cleaning: Fingerprints, cooking residues, tobacco smoke, etc. will accumulate on the finished surface. They
will not damage the finish, but should be removed occasionally to restore the finish to its original luster.
Wipe the finish with a damp cloth using a non-wax polish or mild soap.

Dust Removal: Dust build-up is simply airborne particles of dust collecting on the finish. If not properly
removed, this build-up may dull or even scratch the finish. Simply wipe the finish with a cloth dampened
with a mild soap and warm water or feather duster.

Spills: Your finish is resistant to most household spills. If a spill should occur, it should be wiped up
immediately to avoid any potential damage.
Excessive Exposure: Heat, high humidity, direct sunlight or liquids can damage both the finish and the
wood. Take care to avoid these conditions.

Avoid the following:
1. Do not apply wax to surface.
2. Cleaners containing bleach.
3. Cleaners with abrasives that may scratch the finish.
4. Cleaners containing ammonia or silicone.
5. Dyes and inks from newsprint and plastic bags may penetrate into the finish when moist.


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  • Small 0.45 ⌀

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